Wednesday, April 2, 2014

App-Box Pro for iPhone/iPad

App-Box Pro for iPhone/iPad

The World's Most Popular and Attractive, Efficient, Useful Tool Kit on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Features Including Powerfull Tools
App-Box Pro for iPhone/iPad tools
  • Secure Wallet: Fully customizable 17 Built-in categories and Securely store your important bank information, credit card, membership numbers, web accounts and more.
  • Alarm Clock with Music Play: Beautiful and Sleek Digital and Flip clock
  • Currency: 195 Currencies and number input with built-in calculator
  • Event Diary: a.k.a. Countdown/Days Until
  • Flashlight: L E D flash as a flashlight and strobe light for iPhone4/4s
  • Holidays: 97 Countries Information
  • Mirror: for iPhone4/4s, iPad2 & iPod Touch4: Zoom/Rotate
  • Ruler: supporting both inches and centimeters
  • Translator: supporting 53 Languages, Listen for 37 Languages, Detect Language, and Share with Message, Tweet, and Mail.
  • Unit Converter: 17 Categories & 357 Units and Number input with built-in calculator also, Numerous Handy Applications:
  • Battery Life, be aware of the the remaining time in different scenarios.
  • Dashboard
  • Date Calculator
  • Surface Level, to level any flat surface
  • Bubble Level, carpenter tool kit
  • Loan Calculator, number input with built-in calculator
  • Periodic Calculator, password protection
  • Price Grab
  • Random Number Generator
  • Sale Price Calculator
  • System Info
  • Tip Calculator, number input with built-in calculator
  • Web Games
  • Web Apps Links(including Yahoo, Google Apps and more), without having to open Safari
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Wallet with security key
App-Box Pro for iPhone/iPad wallet
  • Securely store your important bank information, credit card and membership numbers, web accounts and more
  • Protect any Image from your Camera, Photo Albums
  • Fully customizable 17 Built-in categories(You can add, edit, remove categories and/or fields)
  • Hardware-accelerated AES encryption
  • Officially Accredited Secure online server provided for one touch Backup/Restore
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Alarm Clock with Music Play
  • With iOS4, you will receive sound notification alarm even when the app is not running
  • 10 Gorgeous themes, LCD Style(Blue, Green, Pink, Violet, Yellow), Flip Style(Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green)
    App-Box Pro for iPhone/iPad alarm
  • Vertical and horizontal modes
  • 12 or 24 hour format
  • Show/Hide seconds
  • Select your songs or playlist as your alarm with shuffle option
  • 22 Built-in Alarm Sounds
  • Multiple Alarms supported
  • Customizable repeat, snooze option
  • Sound/Music Volume control
  • Vibration On/Off
  • Swipe to adjust brightness
  • Alarm works even screen is locked. (sound notification)
  • Alarm works even iPhone/iPod touch is in silent mode when the app is running.

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