Monday, July 11, 2016

Man Vs Wild S01E06 Sierra Nevada 8 Dec. 2006

IMDB Ratings: 7.7/10
Genre(s): Adventure, Reality-TV
Release Date: 8 Dec. 2006
Director: Mike Warner 
Star Cast: Bear Grylls

Story: Every year, 4 million hikers and climbers are drawn to the majestic Sierra Nevada, one of the greatest mountain ranges in the country. With more than 400 miles of terrain and mountain peaks reaching 14,000-plus-feet high, the Sierras are breathtaking. But this spectacular wilderness is deceptively dangerous; hundreds of people become stranded there each year. One wrong turn can turn into a struggle to stay alive. Bear shows viewers how to survive in the Sierra's three major mountainous regions: alpine, woodlands and chaparral. He parachutes into an alpine lake, free-climbs down steep cliffs, and rafts down white-water rapids. Utilizing his knowledge of American Indian survival techniques, Bear builds shelters, calms wild horses, and finds food.
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