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Increase your blog pageviews by using smart links

How to Easily Put SEO Smart Links On Postings Blog- mas Dion Blog Hello friends, this time I want gives a tutorial how to plug SEO smart link in the post / article of your blog. Well usefulness of SEO Smart link mounting technique is intended to provide a signal to Google that more crawl links in our blog article and to advance SEO techniques to increase Page Views Blog itself.
Increase your blog pageviews by using smart links

How it works from the SEO Smart Links is very easy that is by displaying one or more characters that leads to a specific link where the link is a link you another article that you think is related to an article on your blog. If you are curious to know how the installation of SEO Smart Links in Blog you please see the discussion below.

For how very easy installation, consider the following tutorial:
  1. The first step please go first to the Edit HTML template >>
  2. Then how the code </ body>
  3. Then place the following code before the code </ body>

<script type='text/javascript'>
function smartLink(){
this.keywdHref = new Object();
this.add = function(keyword, href){
if(keyword.substr(0,1) != &quot; &quot;){keyword = &quot; &quot; + keyword;}
this.keywdHref[keyword] = href;
this.createAnchor = function(){
var objs = document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;div&quot;);
for(var i=0; i&lt;objs.length; i++){
var obj = objs[i];
var content = obj.innerHTML;
for(var keyword in this.keywdHref){
var href = this.keywdHref[keyword];
var newstr = content.replace(keyword, &quot;&lt;a href=&#39;&quot;+href+&quot;&#39;&gt;&quot;+keyword+&quot;&lt;/a&gt;&quot;, &quot;gi&quot;);
obj.innerHTML = newstr;
content = newstr;
this.startScript = function(){
var onLoad = window.onload;
window.onload = function(){
setTimeout(&quot;f.createAnchor()&quot;, 100);
<script type='text/javascript'>
var f = new smartLink();
f.add(&quot;SEO&quot;, &quot;;);
If you want the plugin above only appear on a page posting only, want the plugin above only appear on a page posting any, please add the conditional tags page special post.

On the javascript code, just replace your word like "SEO" with your own keywords pal specify and change with the url of your own blog (highlighted).

You can add more words just simply adding these javascript lines in your code where the already code marked, like this:

f.add(&quot;SEO&quot;, &quot;;);
f.add(&quot;Template&quot;, &quot;;);
f.add(&quot;Blogger&quot;, &quot;

If you want to add your word in bold, so simply add these code with your words.

f.add(&quot;&lt;b&gt;SEO&lt;/b&gt;&quot;, &quot;

It is advisable not to add excessive keyword, from 1 to 3 keywords is enough.


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