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Facebook Status tricks work on Friends

Facebook one of the networks most used by users in the world. In Pakistan alone, many who use Facebook, over the course of time is certainly more than can be imagined. Even today a lot of kids ranging from 6th grade've made a Facebook account. Internet has always had something new that makes netizens have always wanted to try. Such as sites that provide interesting content that makes people curious, or want to do it constantly. Just like a game, facebook is not only used to share something, but many also are using Facebook as a means of secure transactions via message. So as I know myself, many foreign products are widely used automated methods using Facebook chat, so to transact no need to suffer anymore.
Facebook Status tricks work on Friends

Not only Facebook, but Twitter is also favored by Internet users worldwide. But in terms of many Facebook users. If Twitter is not as many features of Facebook, and features available on Twitter like Cover, Hashtags, and Followers to exist on Facebook, while Facebook features, such as games, group, and others are still there. Indeed, in the Facebook search for someone is easy, can be directly from the phone or suggestion by Facebook itself. And who would I also share about Facebook, which is where you will lose if you do not try, who knows a friend you still do not know how that I share this time.

There are two methods that will I bear, and of course it is easy if listening to right. This is actually an old trick, but it has long been many who did not try or could be intended no longer popular at this particular time, to the way that I share this little chances of people who can do it as well and just reading this article or blog else who would understand . Remember you with up old tricks such as making blue status? Well that's what I'm going to share, and there is one more thing that makes people confused and always thinking of how to give it a try. Okay here is the trick, please see below.

1. First please go to facebook and copy the code below.
    @@[1: [0: 1: STATUS HERE]]

2. Notice the red text simply change the text up, then try to create status with the code and see the results.

1. First please go to facebook and copy the code below.

2. Results of the above code will be @ [1111: 1]. The trick, try to get someone to type the @ symbol [1111: 1] in the comments field, certainly will not be. Meanwhile, if you are told to do so again, stay with the symbol above this post in the comments field.

Only two tricks are the most steady for now. If used a lot, until the status of long, status live stream, and much more, but now it can not. Need nothing course, the trick above is not harmful, and do not mean illegal in any form, because only utilize the existing TAG feature on Facebook. Especially for the second trick, if done from a PC, initially if someone commented using a PC, can write the code, but when reload or refreshed, the code will be lost. But it is different with a special code that I for the above, will display the same code even reload or refreshed repeatedly.

There might be confused why is that in a second way. So if there are people who write code eg @ [1111: 1] it will be a name or just the number 1 only. So from figure 1 that can be thought that the prefix code is no longer readable and legible only one course, and when trying to write @ [1111: anu] it will only show the word anu only. Therefore, if the collaboration be this @ [1111: @ [1111: 1]] will just be code @ [1111: 1] only. Is it understood? If you have other tricks, or anyone you want to ask about the above, please comment.


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