Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Protect Your Secrets in Android with App Protector (1.23)

I have uploaded many apps in my blog for your Android's Gadgets, you may also check Android File Browser V2 use it to manage your files as you like, also check Advance Task Manager Pro to boos your android speed by switch off your unwanted process, and more more apps for your Android.

Now I have uploading a protector for your android app's, private information/data, personal images, secret text. Simply download App Protector in your Android and install it.
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App Protector-1-23-full

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You can enjoy following features of App Protector.
  • Protect your SMS, Photos/Images.
  • You can lock your secrets.
  • Protect your Gallery
  • Protect your Calendar (events history)
  • and many more.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ise Kehte Hain Hip - Hop by Honey Singh


Isse Kehte Hain, Hip-Hop
Voices: Yo Yo Honey Singh

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Kick 2014 MP3 Songs Full Album


1. Jumme Ki Raat (MP3)
Voices: Palak Muchhal & Mikka Singh

Download Now

2. Hangover (MP3)
Voices: Meet Bros, Salman Khan & Sherya Ghoshal

Download Now

3. Tu He Tu 
Voices: M. Irfan

Download Now

4. Yaar Na Mile
Voices: Yo Yo Honey Singh & Jasmin

Download Now

5. Jumme Ki Raat - Part-1
Voices: Palak Muchhal & Salman Khan

Download Now

6. Tu He Tu (Reprise)
Voices: Neeti Mohan

Download Now

7. Hangover - MBA SWAG
Voices: DJ Sumit Sethi, Meet Bros Anjan & Prince

Download Now

8. Tu He Tu - Part-II
Voices: Salman Khan

Download Now

9. Jumme Ki Raat - Part - I (Remix)
Voices: Palak Muchhal & Salman Khan

Download Now

10. Hangover (Remix)
Voices: Meet Bros Anjan, Salman Khan, Shreya Ghoshal

Download Now

11. Tu He Tu - Part - I (Remix)
Voices: M. Irfan

Download Now

12. Jumme Ki Raat - Part - II (Remix)
Voices: Palak Muchhal & Mikka Singh

Download Now

13. Tu He Tu - House Mix (Remix)
Voices: Neeti Mohan

Download Now

14. Tu He Tu - Part - II (Remix)
Voices: Salman Khan

Download Now

15. Ye He Zindagi 
Voices: Feat - Salman Khan

Download Now

16. Ye He Zindagi
Voices: Feat - Mohd. Irfan

Download Now

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hupmty Sharma Ki Dulhania Full Album


1. Saturday, Saturday
Voices: Akriti Kakar & Indeep Bakhshi

Download Now

2. Samjhawan MP3
Voices: Arijit Singh & Sherya Ghosal

Download Now

3. Daingad, Daingaid
Voices: Divia, Udit Narayn Akriti

Download Now

4. Lukcy Tu Lukcy Mein
Voices: Anushka & Benny Dayal

Download Now

5. Emotional Fool
Voices: Toshi Sabri & Sharib

Download Now

6. D-Se-Dance
Voices: Shalmali & Vishal Dadlani

Download Now

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Back 2 Love by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


A new album of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, list down most romantic songs, check out and download.

1. Rab Jane

Download Now

2. Habibi (feat: Salim Suleman)

Download Now

3. Rim Jhim (feat: Sherya Ghosal)

Download Now

4. Zarori Tha

Download Now

5. Naach Duma Dam

Download Now

6. Sab Jhoote

Download Now

7. Dil Ke Taar

Download Now

8. Sharab-e-Husun

Download Now

9. Aag Lagi

Download Now

10. Champa Kali (Fusion in Raag)

Download Now

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Hate Story 2 MP3 Songs


1. Aaj Phir
Voices: Arijit Singh & Samira Kopikar

Download Now

2. Kabhi Aene Pe Likha Tuje
Voices: K. Kr

Download Now

3. Pink Lips
Voices: Khushboo Ghrewal & Meet Bros Anjan

Download Now

4. He Dil Ye Mera
Voices: Arjit Singh

Download Now

5. Aj Phir (Remix V)
Voices: Samira Kopikar & Arijit Singh

Download Now

6. Pink Lips (Remix)
Voices: Khushboo Ghrewal & Meet Bros Anjan

Download Now

7. He Dil Ye Mera (Remix)
Voices: Arijit Singh

Download Now

8. Kabhi Aene Pe Likha Tuje (Remix)
Voices: K. Kr

Download Now

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's Entertainment Download Latest MP3 Songs


1. Johnny Johnny
Voices: Priya, Jigar & Madhav Krishnan

Download Now

2. Tera Naam Doon
Voices: Shalmali & Atif Aslam

Download Now

3. Mere Veeray Di Wedding
Voices: Mika Singh

Download Now

4. Teri Mahima Aprampar
Voices: Anushka & Uddit Narayan

Download Now

5. Nahe Wo Samne
Voices: Atif Aslam

Download Now

6. Mere Veeray Di Wedding (Remix)
Voices: Mika Singh

Download Now

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Bobby Jasoos MP3 Songs


1. Jashan
Voices: Bonnie Chakraborty & Shreya Ghosal

Download Now

2. Tu
Voices: Shreya Ghosal & Papon

Download Now

3. B.O.B.B
Voices: Neeraj & Shreya Ghosal

Download Now
4. Sweety
Voices: Monali & Aishwarya NIgam

Download Now

5. Tu (Reprise)
Voices: Papon & Shreya Ghosal

Download Now

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Lets Discuss About Cloud Service

We are constantly being told that the future of computing lies in the cloud, and bit-by-bit but surely we’re seeing a lot of our data and information being stored somewhere other than on our physical devices. You might use your phone to take a photo, but instead of saving it solely in the memory of the device, you’ll upload it to a cloud server, letting you get fast access to it on a number of different devices wherever you’ve got a connection to the internet. It means we’re not worried about running out of space on our SD cards, and that a lost device/gadget doesn’t mean a loss of irreplaceable pictures and other files. Making the best use of cloud services can be challenging, so take these tips into consideration.

Make sure you don’t use the same login details for all of your cloud services, because if one of them becomes compromised they all will be. Change your passwords often to keep your data safe and you’ll be fine. Also, from time to time, check which apps you have connected to your cloud accounts, and revoke the ones you no longer use.
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Look for special deals that will get you more storage. Dropbox usually offers extra storage for filling in a questionnaire, and there are phones that come with free cloud storage too. Shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Setting a sync time for when you’re asleep is a good idea, especially if you’re at home. Then you can use your Wi-fi connection to make sure your folders and files are up to date when you wake up in the morning.
Delete files from your phone or tablet that are stored in the cloud, that way you’re not using up space unnecessarily. And keep your cloud folders clean too, especially if you have limited space, otherwise you could find your uploads stalling. Also, consider roaming charges if you’re going overseas and intend to take lots of photos. 

You should turn off automatic uploads, otherwise you might end up with a huge bill when you get home. In these tutorials we’re going to look at some more advanced cloud techniques that let you really get to grips with using your Samsung device to connect to the cloud. With stronger mobile data connections on the rise, and Wi-fi hotspots becoming more readily available, there’s never been a better time to start using the cloud, and if you follow the hints and tips in this tutorial, you can be sure that you’re making the most out of the vast possibilities cloud storage can offer Android users.

How to save your contacts to the cloud right now
Find your account
Head to Settings and scroll down to find the Google account tab. Tap on this, then select which of your Google accounts you want to sync the contacts to and tap on it to go straight to the sync settings.
Check the right box
Make sure the box next to contacts is ticked. This means your contacts are being synced with the rest of the content that you’ve got set to sync to your Google account. Now go to your contacts.
Sort out your contacts
Ensure your contacts are merged with your Google account as well. Open Settings and tap on Merge with Google. Choose the right account and when you buy a new phone your contacts will be waiting for you.

Check out the best cloud storage service.
The best cloud storage service depends on your need. Dropbox is one of the most popular, and it lets you share items easily across multiple devices. It’s simple to use too, so it’s a good bet for beginners.
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CloudMagic lets you search across multiple cloud services
Right now you’re probably signed up to multiple cloud services, some of them without even knowing it. A lot of phones come with a Dropbox account, you’ll have a Google Drive account if you’ve got a Google account and a SkyDrive account if you have an MSN account. Keeping control of the content spread across these different services can be a bit of a nightmare. That’s where CloudMagic comes in. With one search you can find files across a huge number of services.

Find files in the cloud

Set up your accounts
After you’ve downloaded and installed the app from the Play Store you need to create a CloudMagic account, then set about entering the details for the various cloud services you want to be able to access. This is as simple as finding the right one and entering your details.

Have a search
Once you have connected the accounts that you want to connect, you can search for any files, emails or other information by typing it in to the search bar at the top of the screen. This will trawl through the various services you have linked to find
relevant content.

 ☁ Add a filter
Tapping on the button on the bottom-left of the screen lets you add some filters to your search. If you know it’s a file you’re after, rather than a contact or an event,  you can set CloudMagic to only search for files and documents, for example. Tap again to turn it off.

Extra security
Obviously that’s quite a lot of information to have in one place on your device, so it’s handy that you can set up a passcode system, as well as a login password, to protect your data. Go to the Settings menu, then tap Passcode lock to set one up that suits you.


Sync files between cloud services
FolderSync is a great way to manage uploading your files to a variety of different cloud services. It gives you greater control of how your files are moved around, and glad to support with task manager apps it means you can set times to sync your content with cloud services. You can easily make / set up linked folders to exchange content between your devices, and the easy-to-use UI means you are always on high level of your various files and services. With the help of this article will show you, how to get started with an app, configuration/setting up your accounts and using FolderSync (£1.95/$2.95) to start taking control of your cloud services. There’s a free version of the app too, so if you’re unsure whether FolderSync is for you, we suggest you download that first. It lacks some functionality, but it’s a good introduction to how much easier things are with the app installed. You can unlock additional feature by upgrading. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s time to get started by logging in to all of your various cloud accounts.
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Manage multiple services

1: Set~up accounts
First of all sign in to your favorite cloud service, now Tap Accounts, then go bottom of the screen and Tap on button. Define your folder name and then add your login details, now you're good to go. After this process you will be able to add more extra services, now or when you want to sign up this service in future.


2: Add more
If you want to add more accounts for the other services you can repeat the steps. Keep in your mind that the free version will allow you to add only two accounts. If you want more than two accounts you must pay for get full version of this app.
3: Link your folders
Now you can set up a folderpair. By using folderpair service, you will share items easily between a local folder on your device and a folder in the selected cloud service. You’ll need to give it a recognizable name, and select the folders in both locations that you want to pair up.


4: Create local folder
It’s worth creating a unique local folder to store all of your items in. For doing this you need to Add Tap button when you're selecting a folder, then define a name of your folder, now you are ready to pair it with the cloud service. Go back to the folderpair menu to complete the job.


5: Set up schedule
Now you can set when you want your folderpair to sync together and which way. The Tap sync interval is to choose that how often the sync should arise. How files should be handled, you use the other options. When you’re happy, tap the disk in the top-right to save.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Free URL Submission in Search Engines and Web Directories

Everyone know the importance of URL submission in search engines and web directories, it is necessary to increasing PAGE RANK in Google and get more traffic to your webpage, the best search engine optimization (SEO) is the key of success.

Furthermore as long as an indexed web page links to your site, all the major engines will find you and index you. Use these forms for when you are unsure that the search engines like the sites that currently link to yours.

Few free submission services are as under:
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Simply click Active Search Result and add your URL as below:

Go to Addme and submit your URL, through this service your URL submit in 20 popular search engines.

AddPro is also a free service for URL submission in 18 top search engines, it is a reciprocal base submission, before you applying to submit your URL, you need to copy below codes in your webpage.

AddPro.comEP:Entertainment Plateform
<span style="display:inline-block;width:163px;height:38px;text-align:center;border:#000 2px dotted;font-size:12px;background-color:#fff;"><strong style="display:block;padding:1px;margin:1px;"><a href="http://www.addpro.com/" title="SEO Now" style="font-size:12px;text-decoration:none;">AddPro.com<br></a><a href="http://entertainment-plateform.blogspot.com/" title="Entertainment Plateform" style="font-size:11px;text-decoration:none;">EP:Entertainment Plateform</a></strong></span> 


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Beamed Search free web directory to submit your URL. Just click Beamed Search and submit your webpage.

You can submit your URL in Boitho it is also another free URL submission service.
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CIPINET is also another web directory where you can submit your webpage/blog for promoting. For submitting click Cipinet and submit your URL as required.

Entireweb free search engine submission service used by over 3.5 million people worldwide, Entireweb also submit your URL with Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Excite, Infospace and more. 

FeedPlex is also known as popular web directory for submission URL's. To submit your URL click FeedPlex.

You can also submit your URL via FreeWebSubmission


Another most popular web directory for URL submission over 40 popular search engines, you can use this link Free-Web-Submission

GhetoSearch submit your URL.
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Submit URL to infotiger web directory.

Scrub the Web is most popular submission service, when you submit your URL to ScrubTheWeb, you have received a confirmation email, after confirmation your webpage submitted.

Submit your URL in SonicRun, the most popular search engine, just click SonicRun

You can also add your URL on WebSquash, it is also a popular search engine.

The best one submission service is Exact-Seek. For promoting your webpage/blog submit your webpage/blog in Exact-Seek, it is automatically your request to other search engines and web directories.