Monday, May 5, 2014

Handy App for VPN Connection in Android

To make connections through VPN has never been easier.

With the native Android application for VPN you need lots of tapping, and typing a password each time to connect.With 1 VPN you can establish a VPN connection in a single tap. In addition, the Tasker/Locale plug-in feature lets you establish automatic VPN connections
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Whether you use VPN for secure remote access, remote desktop or for unblocking web sites, this app will save you lots of time.
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Available Features:
  • Multiple VPN accounts.
  • Facility to save username/passwords
  • Show VPN Status
  • Show connect/disconnect in 1 Tap
  • When connection lost, automatic reconnect
  • Through "Keep alive pings" alive your pings
  • Customize shortcut for start or restart on a specific VPN
  • Using Tasker or Locale plugins, connection automatically
  • You can import or export your 1 VPN profiles
  • and many more......

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