Thursday, April 10, 2014

Allinone Social Count Plugin for Wordpress


Display the counting data of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Steam Community, SoundCloud posts and comments.

The Social Count Plus performs counting Twitter followers, Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers, Google+ page/profile followers, Instagram followers, Steam Community group members, SoundCloud follwers, number of posts and comments.

You can view this information via a widget (with account options models icons) or Shortcodes (to be used in posts and pages) or by functions in PHP.

The results of the counters are cached and new values ​​are checked only once a day. This cache can be wiped when published a new post.

The cache avoids not only that your blog be seeking new results every time a page is loaded, but also prevents collapse of services from Twitter and Facebook, if one of these services does not respond, the counter displays the last count it was successful.


Displays only the count in plain text:
  • Twitter: [scp code="twitter"]
  • Facebook: [scp code="facebook"]
  • YouTube: [scp code="youtube"]
  • Google Plus: [scp code="googleplus"]
  • Instagram: [scp code="instagram"]
  • Steam: [scp code="steam"]
  • SoundCloud: [scp code="soundcloud"]
  • Posts: [scp code="posts"]
  • Comments: [scp code="comments"]


    Displays only the count in plain text:
  • Twitter: <?php echo get_scp_twitter(); ?>
  • Facebook: <?php echo get_scp_facebook(); ?>
  • YouTube: <?php echo get_scp_youtube(); ?>
  • Google Plus: <?php echo get_scp_googleplus(); ?>
  • Instagram: <?php echo get_scp_instagram(); ?>
  • Steam: <?php echo get_scp_steam(); ?>
  • SoundCloud: <?php echo get_scp_soundcloud(); ?>
  • Posts: <?php echo get_scp_posts(); ?>
  • Comments: <?php echo get_scp_comments(); ?>
Displays the widget with icons:
  • Widget: <?php echo get_scp_widget(); ?>
 How to Install:
  • Download Plugins from here.
  • Upload plugin files to your plugins folder, or install using WordPress built-in Add New Plugin installer;
  • Activate the plugin;
  • Navigate to Settings -> Social Count Plus and fill the plugin options.



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