Friday, April 25, 2014

Advance Task Killer PRO for Android

Advance Task Killer is # 1 Task Manager App of Android which is also known as ATK. It is use to kill applications and boost memory. 
  • Ignore List
  • One tap widget
  • Auto kill
  • Customize item height
  • You can use it to kill apps and clean your memory to boost your device speed.
  • A Quick Start Guide:
  • It is very simple to use, simply open this tool and take a look at the running applications list?
  • Uncheck some apps you don't want to kill.
  • Tap the button 'Kill selected apps'.
  • It will kill all applications checked.
  • Invoked your unnecessary apps.
  • Automatically kill apps.
  • Safe: Only kill the apps aren't running but still consume memory.
  • Aggressive: Kill the apps running background and apps aren't running.
  • Crazy: All apps except for apps you are using with.
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