Thursday, March 27, 2014

Enjoy With Blurry Text CSS


Make stylish your blogs / web pages with making your text Blurryusing simple pretty code in CSS. We can do it by just making the text color  transparent and adding some text shadow. Here’s the code for the same:

How to use this blurry text in your blog?
  • Login to your blogger dashbord
  • Click on Template
  • Then click to Edit HTML button
  • In your HTML codes press Ctrl + F to find the tag ]]</b:skin>
  • Now just copy the below code and paste it above the tag ]]</b:skin>
  • Then using simply below HTML code in your post to make your text blurry.

CSS Code for Blurry Text

       {color:#000000;  /* Old browsers dont go transparent. */
        text-shadow:   0 0 1px #000000,   /* Many shadows blur out the area around the text */
                               3px 0 3px #000000,
                               0 3px 3px #000000,
                               -3px 0 3px #000000,
                               0 -3px 3px #000000;}

HTML Code for Blurry Text

<span class="blurry">
Entertainment Plateform</span>

Entertainment Plateform

Another more simple codes for Blurry

CSS Code Blur Text

 color: transparent;
 text-shadow: 0 0 2px #006400;

HTML Code Blur Text

<span class="blur">
Entertainment Plateform</span>

Sample Text blur!

For using the blur text, follow the same instructions which are using in blurry

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