Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chief Architect Premier X6 (x32-x64)

Chief Architect Premier X6 (x32-x64)

Chief Architect Software announced its professional design software Chief Architect X6. With new release you'll be able to directly import field dimensioned plans and drawings generated from Room Planner app into Chief for finer editing and detailing.

New Features

Improved Activate/Deactivate Options. You can now deactivate a license remotely from your Chief Architect online account

Support for Multiple Monitors. Tabbed view windows can be torn or undocked from main user interface and moved between monitors independently.

Improved User Interface. Independent Control of Library Browser and Project Browser. View the Library Browser and the Project Browser as tabs of the same window, or undock them to view them as a separate window. New Tool Palettes. When you highlight a tool, you will see all of the child tools in the Tool Palette

Layout Page Index and Revision Index. Create an index of drawing sheets and their revisions. Specify page attributes such as Label, Title, Description, Revision Information, and Comments for each sheet in the Layout Page Information Dialog.

Chief Architect Premier X6 (x32-x64)

Crop Picture Images added to Plan and Layout. Crop handles allow picture boundaries to be reduced or enlarged.

Layout Template Pages. Specify multiple Template pages in a Layout and assign individual pages to reference a template

Real-Time Reflections and Shadows in Render Views. The standard render camera (OpenGL) generates reflections and shadows quickly, as you navigate your design.

Many more features are available in this professional designing software.

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